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ps3 anime game fans
has there ever been a good game sequal for ps3 anime games?
it seemed with the ps2 its anime sequals were great and always seemed better then the last
but with games like ultimate ninja storm2 and raging blast 2 ect they just seem like there trying too hard


ninja storm 2
no more vllage free roam and took out combos for the added online mode
fixed camera view for story mode which the angle imo is horrible

raging blast 2
the graphics imo look worse than raging blast 1
it seems they tried too hard too make it look realistic
its anime its supposed too look realistic too a certain point but it seems they broke that point.

they got rid of story mode

used the new voice actors from kai instead of the old *and imo opinion better actors* from dbz

the movie they put in there was a remake of the origonal that looked like it was drawn on ms paint
and it wasnt the full movie they removed alot of scenes and started it from the end of the middle of the movie

these are just 2 examples
long ago in a distant city, i batman defender of gotham unleashed an unspeakable order. but a foolish clown wielding a menasing laugh steped forth too opose me.

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