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ps3 emu
hi. I was just thinking wouldn't newer console emus like ps3 or 360 be possible now with nvidia's CUDA? you all seen what it can do compared to cpu. in transcoding videos atleast. cpu takes 15 minutes and with CUDA only 18 seconds. wouldn't this make the possibility of ps3 emulator a near reality?

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to answer your question with a qoute from a semi-famous man
"short answer: no...
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lol, ok then maybe a PS2 emulator using CUDA. im just sayong cuda has brought new stuff to the table that wasnt before.
Yes, a PS3 or Xbox 360 emulator is possible. However it will take about another 5 years at least of computer hardware improvements before we would have the hardware to run a PS3 emulator at at least crappy unbearable framerates.

Look at the PS2 which is very simple compared to the PS3. 9 years after the launch of the PS2 and 9 years of computer hardware improvements we have an emulator that still needs a top of the line PC to run many games at full speed.

There is an old saying with computers. If your CPU is not fast enough or hardware is limited for what you want to do, just wait a little bit. Someday computer hardware will exist that will run a PS3 emu at full speed. Only 2 years ago when I bought my laptop at a Core 2 duo 2 Ghz and Nvidia Geforce 7900 graphics card it was pretty kick ass back then. Now it is only an average setup.

Although sometimes I wonder what the physical limit of CPU speed and memory is. 10 years ago a 500 Mhz processor was considered lightning fast. Now we have multiple cores running at 3 Ghz or more. Can processor speed continue indefinitely or is there a physical limit to the speed of a processor. Will we someday see a 10 Ghz quad core? 20 Ghz? Would the heat of a processor that speed just melt the whole chip before speeds that fast could ever be reached? Or would computer engineers have discovered a cooling method by then that would prevent that?

There is no doubt in my mind someday hardware will exist to run a PS3 emu at full speed. The biggest question is who is going to code it? The PCSX2 devs on this site always say how hard the PS2 is to code for. If there was a pretty big difference in coding PS1 emulators vs PS2 emulators there is even a bigger difference in coding a PS3 emulator. Just look at the PS3 specs vs the PS2 specs. From what I heard the Cell processor in the PS3 is pretty advanced. Good luck converting that to x86 instructions. You have several more advanced graphics and sound units to code for as well. Plus also from what i have heard the PS3 is one tough nut to crack. Very hard to mod or reverse engineer which means no chance of emulation until that happens.

Ask again in about 10 years. We might see a PS3 emulator in its infancy then.
yes I understand the limitations of the hardware. but I am curious to know if any of the people that make the emulators have looked into cuda.
cuda is I dont know the details, but it uses the GPU in nvidia cards 8800 and up instead of the CPU. I gave the example of the video transcoding because its the simplest. A cpu takes 15 minutes to encode a video while the same video takes 18 seconds using CUDA to transcode.
see the GPU is much more powerfull than the CPU. So it would be a great idea to make emulators using this technology.

the cell processor agreed is pretty advanced using several SPU's for tasking or whatever. but a GPU also has SPU's and a lot of them. Hmm.

I am no coder ,programmer nor saying its posible. Im just curious and it be awesome to know what the actual coders ,programers whatever think and know of this new posibility to do software.

so in summary CUDA does today what a CPU will be able to do in say 5 years maybe.

I leave you with a link to know more about CUDA :
here is another example. a core i7 920 vs cuda.
Graphics cards used in this simulation are overclocked Nvidia GTX 285s in 2-way SLI and in dedicated CUDA PhysX modes. CPU is quad core Intel Core i7 920.

-2fps using the CPU
-45fps using cuda.
This is from PCSX2's F.A.Q:
Quote:Why not use CUDA to make things faster?

CUDA works best when doing simple operations on many parallel threads.
This isn't very useful for ps2 emulation, and any implementation that attempts to use CUDA will most-likely slow down the emu.
CUDA might however prove to be useful in a GS plugin.

About the GS plugin Gabest once said it wasnt really helpful for GSdx, but who knows maybe future plugins Tongue2
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nice info shadow. btw where did you quote this from? link please
i found another interesting read. about the cell compared to a g80 gpu using cuda.
Yeah, CUDA has been discussed many times a search and you'll probably turn up about a dozen threads.
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cuda is good for tasks that can be done in parallel, its not very useful for CPU emulation.

in a game for instance, you might have multiple particles that you want to do simple operations to; cuda might work well with this, and it is generally known by the game devs which parts can be done in parallel.
but with ps2 emulation, you're not actually coding a game, you're emulating the actual hardware that the game runs on at a low-level.
effectively the only way for cuda to be useful is to make multiple passes through blocks of instructions, then separate the non-dependent instructions, and then 'run them' at the same time.
most of the time you wont be able to separate enough stuff for cuda to be useful (you'd want at least 32+ threads for it to be effective according to wikipedia)

so basically cuda isn't going to help pcsx2 (unless gabest finds some use for it on gsdx xD).
all we need is time to go by so that our now high-end cpu's are the norm.
then everyone should be able to run pcsx2 well.
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