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ps3 equivalent cpu
Does anyone which CPU currently available in the market is equivalent to ps3's cell processor in general computing and performance not just i games?
here's a video where this guy says that cell processor is 80times more powerful than xenon

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Well depends on what incarnation of the Cell you refer to. The Cell is like any intel brand cpu: it comes in a variety of flavors and speeds. The PS3's version of the Cell is fairly budget-oriented, and pretty dated by today's standards. A modern desktop-calibur Cell cpu would be several times more powerful than the PS3's Cell, for tasks to which the Cell is well-suited.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
@air did u watch the video he says that ps3's cell processor is 80 times more powerful than xeon
No. I don't watch things; I read things (often have no audio hooked to my PC).

There is simple theoretical math to compare the CPUs: The PS3's Cell can do an ideal maximum of 26 gigaflops per SPE (and has 7 SPEs). The main core can do somewhat less since it lacks SIMD instructions. Nothing really bothers to measure it's FLOPS rating, since the SPEs clobber it badly -- but I'm guessing around 12 gigaflops since it's superscalar (runs 2 instructions per cycle, and 2 threads in parallel).

(26 * 7) + 12 == 200 gigaflops

That's assuming a maximally ideal situation, which, quite frankly, never occurs. True throughput is typically from 130 to 170 gigaflops, depending on the datasets being processed. Certainly still very good. Working to the PS3's disadvantage is that it has very small memory caches on it's SPEs -- it has the theoretical minimum for a Cell cpu design, in fact. Smaller caches inhibit the ability of the CPU to maximize it's gigaflop potential, and limit the sort of tasks the CPU can parallelize.

Your typical Intel Xeon processor is capable of about 70-85 gigaflops. That's the real throughput, not the theoretical one. Intel usually doesn't bother with theoreticals much since it's CPU designs are so complicated and instruction throughput can vary so much depending on task.

200 gigaflops divided by 80 is a helluva far cry from 75 gigaflops. In fact, crappy old 1.6ghz Core2Duo CPUs typically surpass 10 gigaflops. Furthermore, what Xeons lack in gigaflops, they tend to make up for in integer calculation speed, branching, task switching, and virtualization; areas where Intel CPUs still typically excel.

So is the PS3 80 times faster than a Xeon? No. Is it still a lot faster? Yes.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Hmmmm.... Something tells me Air knows what he's saying....

Do note when he says "for tasks to which the Cell is well-suited". This means that the PS3 will out perform a Xeon when faced with the "PS3 specific" tasks. A modern desktop-calibur Cell cpu would out perform the PS3's when faced with any other tasks. Say, to put a PS3 cpu in a desktop, would be slower.

If a Xeon cpu were to be design solely for one thing (say PS3), it would put Sony's PS3 cpu to shame. It's all in what it's made for, right Air?

EDIT: Just thought I'd mention I started this reply before Air's 2nd. Kinda makes mine obsolete, eh? Smile
More or less. The Cell is meant to be a hybrid between a traditional Intel or MIPS style cpu and the GPUs on ATI and nVidia cards. It is very good at iterating over large sets of relatively uniform floating point data (where-as your video card GPU is only suited for iterating over a large set of very uniform floating point data). Fortunately, a lot of modern graphical computing tasks fall into that category; and most physics tasks as well.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
thanks for answering air i don't understand all the things youre saying but i will research and try to find out
Anyway, to answer your question, I don't know of any Intel or AMD cpu that matches the PS3's Cell in most computing tasks -- which is pretty sad if you think about it, since current day Cell cpus probably smother the PS3's edition. Though I would say that a 6-core i7 is probably superior to the PS3 as a general desktop/multitasking environment, thanks to the multi-purpose design and superior integer math, task switching, and virtualization features of the cpu.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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