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psx saves on pcsx2
first my situation: my ps2 broke a while ago. i just have a psx. now, i'm playing an rpg in epsxe and am rather far. now, i have to move and i'm not able to take this pc with me. this means i can't play my rpg ;( ...or can I?

ok, this is gonna be a doozy, so please read carefully.

i know that you can back up extra psx saves on a ps2 (but can't access them in games, you have to send them back to a real psx memcard to do that).

also, i know that you can extract saves from a pcsx2 memcard and send it to a physical ps2 (i've done it).

also i know i can get access to an exploited ps2 to do this.

now, all i need is a way to get a pcsx2 memcard "impregnated" in some way or another with the psx game save that i need, and the rest is easy.

Any ideas?

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I didn't really understand what exactly you want.
Do you want to put ps1 save into pcsx2 card or?
He wants to get his PS1 saves along with PS2 saves from PCSX2 memcard to his real PS2 I think.
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