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question about Persona 3
is persona 3 different from the persona 3 FES? and what is the difference..
and i have another question there are 2 persona.. should i get the undub? or the enlish dub? they said that the undub is that the voices are in japanese but the rest are in english


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AFAIK, the undub version isn't official and can't be found in any shop.
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Yeah undubs are not official, if the game came with the japanese voices there would be no need for undubs Tongue

Persona 3 and FES are different but not by much. FES has the same storyline as P3 which is called "The Journey" in FES and then has another story chapter which happens after P3 and is called "The Answer", other than that there are some costumes, a new social link, new personas, new quests, new boss, changed social link schedules, more stuff too I guess Tongue2

You could say FES is the better/complete version of P3.
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