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question on leveling up and equipment in final fantasy 12
can someone who has beaten the game please answer my questions

i completed henne mines and defeated the 2 bosses after that. i am just about to enter mt bur omisace. the recommended level in a walkthrough i am using is mid 20s

my level is much higher. 3 characters are level 42 and 3 are level 41. i did extensive leveling up. i followed the powering up walkthrough. i got burning bows and winged helms for my characters. i beat all the marks as they came out when my level wasn't that high (that was quite tough). i bought stronger armor when it was available. i unlocked burmice passage and got deathbringer swords for all my characters except vaan. after jahara i did some leveling up in nabreus deadlands and i got crown of laurels and minerva bustier from there. after that i did more leveling up in necrohol of nabudis and i got maximilian from there for my characters. i got the zodiac spear and gave it to vaan

as for accessories i gave a nihopalaoa to vaan and i gave 3 of my other characters thief cuffs

as for espers i have belias and the on from zertinan caverns. i will get esper in burmice passage when i get the hunt there

my method of play is brute force. i level up my characters, give them the best equipment and make them unstoppable tanks. from jahara to mt bur omisace i beat all the random enemies with a few hits. also the next 2 bosses could do nothing against me

i am very happy with the equipment. maximilian and crown of laurels give me really strong protection and only the really tough monsters can kill me. is there a need to get stronger armor later on? if yes which ones and when?

i like the deathbringer swords because they instantly kill enemies sometimes. when do the deathbringer swords become obselete and i need to get stronger weapons for my characters? what weapons do i get next?

there are too many items in the bazaar and i am unsure what to get

also what does leveling up do exactly? attack power and defense stay the same when i level up and they only increase when i get better equipment. hp and strength goes up when i level up but how does that help me if the equipment if i use weak equipment for example

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What? at this pace you need to make sure none of your characters do sneeze to avoid killing all enemies in the whole area and spoil you the killing blow Smile
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yes it is like that now, but later on i will face extremely powerful enemies that will destroy me and wipe the floor with me. i want to get ready so i can turn them into dust

so what do i do?
You seem to be taking this awfully suggestion would be to enjoy the game, keep playing the story and if some enemy kills you backtrack and level up. It's not like with a game over you'll die in RL too Tongue
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