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rock band and guitar hero

I''m a drummer among other things....please tell me that what the guy in that link describes can be done on a pc emulator...I have the drums in the same room as the pc so it won't be necessary to record the tracks and then play them...I can just play while the game is playing.

can this be done? Please say it can Smile

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sure. if your pc is fast enough to run pcsx2 and it can play back the games at good speed. it works. that thing with prerecording the drumless tracks is easier to have and manage tho. just a mp3 player on speakers. Wink
hmmm...I may have misunderstood...

I thought that rock band and guitar hero could play any song you give them (via usb or other methods) and automatically take away the drums or bass other instruments.

and I mean ANY song you give it...not just the game's tracklist.

can someone clear this up?
ehh. no.

i don't know of that feature. how'd you expect the game to know how the drums sound like on a song and remove it. nah doesn't.

the games are running and mixing seperated tracks of the instruments in different channels and mix them together as they are correctly played in the game. if you don't play the instrument on the game it won't sound. that's the trick with the "missing intrument" pre-recording. but there's no way to remove a specific instrument on a mixed mp3 you put in there.

it doesn't do that. you get it?
yea...I know how they record songs and I don't know how it would be able to separate instruments....magic perhaps? Smile

in any case...thanks for the info Smile

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