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slow computer playing at fullspeed or playable
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first of all download the attached file (it is a html file saying all my specs some things are hidden for security reasons Smile )
First of all i can play:
dragonballz budokai tenchnaichi 3(50 fps)
dragonball super sagas(55 fps)
ff7:dirge of cebrerus(50 fps)
final fantasy x(56 fps) (50 in battle)
devil may cry 3 special edition
rebellion(at 250 fps at native Wink
aliiensex(70 fps)
(now the non fullspeed games but still playable)
final fantasy 12

playable games are these that have the requisments for pal or ntsc(50 or 60 fps)
if it is at 45 still no big deal Smile

of course all speedhacks are at full Smile except for alliensex becouse it will becoume laggy Smile
ok... let the game begin
first say your system requisments and then the games you can play at good speed
sorry if a post like this one already excists i couldnt find anything like this so i thought it would be good to create one Smile

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.html   report.html (Size: 9,34 KB / Downloads: 160)

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Yours is the case where disabling the frame limiter may counteract the excessive speed hacks, try it. You must expect some erratic behavior but the overall can be more gratifying.

Edit: hmm, not valid answer, I see from some games reported it is already FPS non limited.
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First of all, there can only be one "first of all". (just teasin')

Second, you should mention what PCSX2 version you're using.

Third, I'm having a hard time believing you're getting "fullspeed" with DoC on a dual core 1.8Ghz and a 8400GS. Maybe you've had as much as "fullspeed", but it's not staying like that during actual gameplay. Come on, I don't even keep "fullspeed" on my Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz and GT 230M (a lot like a 8600GT). Besides, if you can get "fullspeed" with DoC, I would think you should have higher FPS with FFX...

Fourth, maxing out every speedhack can potentially cause false FPS readings.

And finally, here is a good thread for low-end systems.
nosisab Ken Keleh
sorry for the 2 first of all Tongue
and also i can play DoC at fullspeed with a changed by me emulator Wink
many gliches also Tongue seriusly i mean it.....
sometimes the helf screen will show the sky dark and the other bright Smile
also it may be laggy sometimes like 40 fps but still playable Smile
also i use the latest beta version for every game with direct x 10/11
That is one of the most confusing things I've ever read...

Let me get this straight, you've stated DoC to be "fullspeed", but then say you use your unofficial build (?) for this. Then you follow that up by saying "may be laggy sometimes like 40 fps but still playable". That sounds more like one of "the non fullspeed games but still playable". "Playable" and "fullspeed" are two very different things.

In the end, you've said you use the official PCSX2 for every game. Since you listed DoC as "fullspeed", this must not be included in every game, as you said you "can play DoC at fullspeed with a changed by me emulator"...

One other thing, are you using PAL or NTSC? If you've listed some games as "fullspeed" and marked them with (50 fps), that means PAL, right?

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