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slowdown KH2 help
Ohayo minna-san
  First I want to say sorry if this is not the right place (this is my first visit to forum = /)
  I will explain. Having learned that I could play my favorite games on pc (Kingdom Heart I and II FFX etc etc ...) I run kingdom heart II final mix for the first time (well shouting youpani youpani it works = D) the screen displays perfectly securities with good fluidity (about 60 FPS)
  Dice to create a new game that fall in a row 30 which makes it pretty unplayable a game of this type, I just bought my computer (almost brand new I got in October) so I hope could you enlighten me on how to configure my machine to put on PSX =)
  Here is everything for this:
  Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1
  Processor: AMD E-450 Clocked at 1.65 GHz (hope that's enough)
  Memory: 4 GB of total memory type DDR3 678.74 MHz
  Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics (DirectX version installed: 11.0)
  Physical RAM: 4GB (I repeat myself here I think ^ ^)
  If you want more info tell me is that I do I'm all ears!
  I precise I have not touched it was fluid on the screen then start 30FPS when I start part, I tried to change the settings (just random ^ ^ I admit) it was already a little + fluid but still unplayable ^ ^ voila!
Arrigatou-minna for your response
PS: Dedication to my first post = D

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I don't think you'll be able to play PCSX2 games decently, that CPU is too weak, its main purpose it's navigation and multimediality (HD videos and stuff like that) with extremely low power consumption, it's not made for gaming or PS2 emulation. The only thing you can do is try to activate speedhacks, the recommended ones plus EE Cycle rate and VU Cycle stealing to 2.

But I seruously doubt you'll be able to reach 60FPS.
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Your CPU is terrible. You will not be playing many games, if any, at full speed. Buy a new CPU/computer.
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