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stupid question
ok now im not the most smart person with computers but i know somethings. my question is where do i go to view my cpu gpu and ram? i went to Control Panel\System and Security\System and looked there for the info, but when i looked it sayed processor and installed memory was "not avalible". i would just like to know where to find these things for people to help me later on.

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To view the CPU and the amount of RAM:
  1. Method 1: Right click My Computer -> Properties
  2. Method 2: Go to 'Control Panel', switch to 'Large icons' view, and select 'System'
To view the video card, which consists of the GPU and video memory:
  1. Method 1: Right click any space on the desktop -> Screen resolution -> Advanced settings. You should see it in 'Adapter' tab.
  2. Method 2: Open the Run command by pressing Windows key + R (I hope you know what Windows key is). Type dxdiag.exe -> Ok. It should ask you a blah blah question if it is the first time you run dxdiag.exe, selecting 'No' or 'Yes' doesn't matter. You can now view the video card info in the 'Display' tab, and the CPU info in the 'System' tab as well.
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Hardcore method...
Get the 32 or 64bits version according to your OS, and run it. Then you'll see...
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