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the Duke War what do you think about Duke Nuke em Forever
Biggrin Heard about the big talk online these days its the Lover vs the reviewers I call it the Duke War after almost every review online calls it Sh*t People who liked it are defending it and are either Being Called Trolls or Fanboys online for simply liking the Game so lets bring the big Question did you like the game or Not its a POLL LOL

Here's my take for the question I enjoyed it Reminded me of a time long forgotten where games where made to be fun and not as serious as they are today I mean Never Played a Duke game Before Probably cuz I was preety busy playing DOOM, quake and Red Alert to care about It. it looked a lot like Serious Sam with Nudity a Lot of Nudity but the first time I heard about the Game was after It got released after a 14y time in development hell Gearbox released it and everybodies Reviews was calling it trash or a Hasbin Ign gave it a 2star out of ten so it made me wonder what could be so bad about it so I got my copy 2 days ago Played it and finished it and you know what I Honestly Had lots Fun with it underneath all the Crappy Jokes bad toilet Humor and the Nudity I had fun something that I haven't had lots of in my game's in a long time the Game is ridiculous and thats what I liked about it had no proper story, no good AI, and not a very impressive Graphics Engine to put it simply it was Chaotic but it was even the bugs and quirks thats what gave me something to laugh about I liked picking up the Turds in the toilet bowl and throwing it to the enemies Faces and had preety good laugh about it the Nudity did actually bother me I think of it as the same way I though about the Nudity in God of War AKA didn't care at all about it and just ignored it so how bout you Guys what do you think about this Game

PS: I own the PC version
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I can't really say much about it cause I haven't played it but from what I've seen the game just doesn't look fun... Duke Nukem 3D was great back then cause of the "character with an attitude" factor, the funny quotes, the interactivity and all of that was very rare back then and uh that's pretty much standard package with games nowadays.
Now if you take in count the somewhat outdated graphics for a 2011 game, the lack of a story (at least I haven't heard it having a story... which can be good for some for for me it'd just be pointless... Tongue2), the repetitive gameplay, the uhhh... attempts to be funny (sometimes they worked, other times not so much) well I just gotta say it would probably have been better if it was a 2006-2008 game but in 2011 meh Tongue2

On another note I remember an old preview/trailer/whatever of the game as it was planned back in 2001, that one looked real fun and if it had been released in like 2006 with those outdated graphics and gameplay it would have been awesome! Heck, I'd still play it if it was released with the same look it had in 2001. But for the 2011 one meh I'm not even gonna try Tongue2
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I have not played it. I played Duke Nuke for PS1 before. And it was good. But I won't be playing this one,might say I have other more fun games.
Played through the game quite fast. Very repetive game as you kill the same type of monster throughout the entire game. Then you either drive a monster truck for a while and when it runs out of gas you go pick up some new but not before you defend against a wave of monsters for about 3-4 times before the driving level is finished. The only time i realy laughed was when the little kid asked for my autograph and i drew a penis and and other crap in his book and got a thank you from him xD
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Some people used to erase and draw a ***** on the board, oh well.

Im gonna play it, tough. I dont really trust IGN either, even the people on gamevicio said "*****, ign forced too much, the game isnt that bad".
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here's an advice get away from the console ports get the PC Version unless you want to see all the bugs nasty long loading times and bad AI
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The game is fun and you will most likely laugh at some of Dukes comments but its not some next gen breaking game or something that IGN and other people some to focus on. But if it s realy worth the 50 dollars i would have to say no.
I know its been a month nearly since anyone posted in this thread, but bollocks, the game took 13 years, so sue me.

anyway, thought folks who can keep up with quickly spoken english might enjoy this DNF "Review" Tongue http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/v...-this-time
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