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the Gray Screen of Death
*not related with PCSX2

I just wondering, what it can be... ?
I have no such a problem with my old computer.

It can happen just after playing game or watching videos (ten or more second). Computer stuck/freeze, not respond.
...and of course screen become all-Gray.

Only way get out from this state - push "the Button of All-Сlarification" (reset).

as i remember... , - i already try reinstall/update Windows, drivers and Bios... can it be RAM fault?

**vista x64, 4gb, ati 4800 series
***thanks for answers, sorry for bad English

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Could be RAM, maybe overheating.

Memtest86+ or PRIME95 should let you know if it's a RAM fault. If either of those don't crash your PC after 6 or so hours, pretty much nothing will.
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Sounds like a graphics card heat issue (had a similiar problem with a 8600 gt)

try that for your gpu and see what your temps are (has a built in temp monitor)

While running prime95 i would monitor my temps -


which ati 4800 series card is it?
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4870. Overheating after watching videos? Anyway i from time to time look at card's termo-monitor and it says that heat about 50C (temperature is OK).
crappy power supplier can also cause this, also as suggested try stress gpu and cpu and watch temps
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