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can you Translate a ps2 game with a Plugin or a patche?Rolleyes

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if you can extract txt files from the game and reimport them, , why not ?
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need help to do it
It`s impossible. Every game has specified encrypted text files and can not translate by plugin.
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There is no magic translation button is what summoner is saying. There is no reason why a plugin couldn't be developed to apply patches on the fly that accomplish this, but the patch itself would take a lot of work since it's a complete game localization.

If it only took a simple tool to coherently translate and modify a game, it wouldn't take localization teams up to a year or more to release a game in different regions.
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ok thanks
It can be done with the right tools and a lot of work. Look at Front Mission 5 for example:
The complete patch was released a few days ago after 2 years of work and uses ImageDiff to apply it to your ISO.
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Yes, but that is absolutely nothing like what the person in the first post was asking about. They were asking for a plugin that automatically translated japanese games.

A proper translation patch is very different as it requires, as you yourself noted, years of work in manual translation and hacking.
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