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two consoles
What do you think about xbox and xbox 360...?
Which is better....?
Difference between price,games.....

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I think you wanted the chatterbox forums, general discussion is general discussion about the pcsx2 emulator which this doesn't seem to have anything to do with. I'm sure a mod will move it for you when they see it.

I'm honestly not sure what you're getting at though... Better is such a vague term... I don't like sports games at all, and I hardly play FPS (besides team fortress 2, which I love) so I don't really like either console. As for the price difference in games... You pay on average $10 more for a 360 game new than you did original x-box new... But then again, I was still paying more for brand new SNES games (Super Mario RPG when it first came out cost me $80 for example).
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Wrong forum; this has nothing to do with PCSX2 emulator.

And why would you compare a current gen console with a previous gen console? Especially if there's backwards compatibility...

If you don't have a HDTV, are strapped for cash and enjoy classic XBOX games, then go get an XBOX either new or second-hand. Otherwise, I don't see why you wouldn't get the XBOX 360...
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sorry about wrong section it should be moved in chatterbox forum

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