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unsure of this scene in final fantasy 12 (minor spoilers)
in the beginning of the game u control reks. when reks reaches the throne room he finds some dead soldiers on the ground and when he turns around bach stabs him and says "the king was a traitor". then some soldiers come in and arrest bach and someone with long hair enters. later on i found out he is vayne

i am now in the passage which is after nalbina dungeon. there is a part in which basch tells vaan what happened in the throne room and there is a scene in which bach reminisces what happened

i didn't understand that scene. who were those soldiers that got killed? were they dalmascan soldiers or the empire soldiers? who arrested bach and took him away? dalmascan soldiers or the empire soldiers? was it really vayne who was in the scene or was it bachs double?

can someone plz explain what happened without spoiling anything for me

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Never played a final fantasy before ?
Just go on... You'll understand everything as the game goes
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yep, play the game until the end... probably twice

then you will still have questions - probably more than in the beginning
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