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upcoming C2D
i found this one for the upcoming C2D the E8700 has a good clock speed of 3.5Ghz
High L2-cache,LGA775,1333FSB,45 nanometer tech., only 65W TDP,and highly-possible good OCing
i wonder if my P35 mobo will survive this or go for P45...i wanted to change that CPU when it comes out.

that E8700 is highly-possible counterpart of Q9550s
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I don't know what that means but, if it could get to 5ghz then i'd buy it.
I like that. The 45nm tech keeps it cool, so you could oc it more, the low amount of wattage is good for your PSU,.....

I dont see much of an reason NOT to buy it Laugh
hell I'm still trying to scrounge the creds To Upgrade y hasty Tax Buy from two years ago... lol C2D 1.86ghz just don't cut it today, lol even over clocked it's Barely Manigable.... Seeing That one (the E8700) just makes me want to Poop, cry and Die, lol
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Sweet, when I get back from boot camp I'm totally buying a high end cpu to allow me to code better.
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