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we should have one too
hi.i was wondering at the forums today and i came with an idea.why don't have a thread like post your ps2memcards/savestates here and we have only one for the patches?i think this thread would be very useful to people that can't beat for example a game boss etc.

waiting for ur answers and opinionsBiggrin

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Hm nice idea. I don't want to put it as a sticky in general discussion though since it already has too many. Maybe we can do it in this section, since pcsx2 memcards can be used on the real PS2s as well after converting
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This is a very nice idea, I'm totally for it.
If enough memory cards got posted, I'm sure people could find stuff like midgame saves of rpgs.
You never find any of those on gamefaqs..

General discussion has indeed too many stickies already though.
So what about a new subforum, having the patches thread and the new memory cards thread?
hmm can we let somebody manage it so that you can find them easy (I find the search machine unreliable in these cases same goes for patches...)
and I think it should be memcards only since they are way compacter zipped and not as pcsx2 version dependent

with manage I mean something like this

EDIT2: but then again seeing that a memcard can hold multiple games it would probably either HELL or impossible
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@kabooz as i say in the 1st post we could also post just savestates.Also I don't think it's difficult to make an empty memcard(just donwload the binary and extract only the memcards archives) and have the save you want in it.This is very easy if you have mymc(a software that imports and exports the saves to the memcards.It also works with codebreaker saves).

I'am glad you like my idea Biggrin
yep, surely will help much of people and also attract traffic to this forum.

anyone who will to post a memcard should strip other game and focus only one content of game, it helps many people and also easier to organize.
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i am for it as well, i gave a savegame to someone who kept crashing at a certain spot in Z.O.E yesterday as well

a sticky wouldnt be to bad tho

with a list of games, where users can reply their saves (reply's will be deleted once added to the first post to keep it clean)
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Maybe have a readable, searchable template that everyone follows, or you'll more than likely end up with a mess of a forum.
Perhaps use something similar to the bugs forum where everyone posts a properly named topic, along with well-named, decently laid out posts, and plenty of info like plugins used, settings and hacks, and SLUS/SLES id
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well a subforum would be ok as well

a game must only have 1 thread max then (including both NTSC and PAL)
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the subforum idea works great too, very nice and easier than what I suggested
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