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what do you think ps4 specs will be?
my thoughts on it...

nividia 460 equivilent gpu *as im sure sony learned there lesson*
or maybe theyll actually make an upgradable graphics card, but sony is probbly too lazy too code games for multiple cards

1gb ddr4 ram *for...stuff*

10 core equivilent cell cpu *because well cmon the ps3 now only uses 7 because ones locked and it would be a waste of money too put 15 cores in there and have it bottle necked by the gpu*

80gb ssd for starters *soon will have 120gb for more games, and ssd for better frames*
no cd drive as i figure we will loose the need for discs
*heres another blame piracy thing*
price range $450-$500 for system

and maybe a year latter the willl have a ps4 slim with a built in 12inch 720p screen

also i beleive that we will have 1080p res for every game until the game graphics start maxing out the ps4 hardware then we will go back too 720p

*or maybe sony could make the ps3 with an exchangable graphics card or an add on for the graphics card too make it faster and hey, they could sell the add on or card and make it were they have too have it too play future games as im sure they would if givin chance lol*

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I made a similar thread, but this is my take, after much deliberation.

No chance of upgradeable graphics card - or cpu for that matter. Literally zero.

GTX 480 class gpu - if we're lucky.

2 gb ram. Would be the best balance for a closed box.

Regular hard drive - no solid state.

And DEFINITELY the machine will come with a drive - by the time it lauches, we will be NOWHERE near ready for download only games.

I'm being generous here, the above specs would provide a huge boost over what we have now, but as with all things hardware, it's mostly pointless speculation at this early stage.
(12-07-2010, 01:43 AM)Dryu Wrote: I made a similar thread

First thing I thought when I saw this thread was that there was a similar thread already too, so let's continue there Tongue2
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