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what games are ya Playin online
Tongue just a simple survey what kind of games poeple here in the forums play online
all of em are for PC
I am currently playin Medal of Honor online although after playin it for bit I was convinced that it was using a Modified version of the Bad company 2 engine with huge similarities with Bad Company I am sure they use the same engine but oh well still fun to play

Oh and of course Modern warfare 2 every now and then I rarely play online due to stupid Ping issues

so what about you guys

My New PC
[Image: 1714419.png]
[Image: stargate_sg_1_stamp_by_OmegaDreamSeeker11.jpg]

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WOW of course!!! Tongue
But I've been thinking that maybe when I get new PC I will try EVE online, does anybody know if it is good? PM please (as this thread's for something else).
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Still play Unreal Tournament 2004 online.

Might play Call of Duty: Black Ops online with my friend soon though (I've never even played CoD until now).
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