Poll: what pcsx2 made for?
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better graphic than ps2
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emulating ps2 on pc
16 100.00%
Total 16 vote(s) 100%
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what pcsx2 made for?
what pcsx2 made for?
-better graphic than ps2
-emulating ps2 on pc
my friend said pcsx2 made for better graphic than ps2,i think he wrong.
sorry for my english Laugh

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emulating the ps2, its more a "look what we can do, isnt it clever" than "ps2 sucks, we can make it look way better" Tongue
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First one, then the other.

Playing PS2 games at 1080p is pretty damn awesome.
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emulating ps2 game. Yeah, playing Ps2 game at 1080p is awesome, but who cares about it if we can't even run the game Smile.
And I think the graphic plugin is the thing made ps2' game looks pretty, not pcsx2 itself
i like to say that "pcsx2 is an attempt to do what the ps2 can and more."
i.e. better graphics, saved states, no load times, custom controllers, unlimited memcards, netplay, etc...

if it was no better than the ps2, it would be boring personally; cuz then there would be no reason to use pcsx2 instead of your own ps2.
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Emulating PS2 on my PC.Even if I have fully working PS2 with 160gb hdd full of games(so faster loading is not the reason I use pcsx2)I still prefer to play on my PC(with PS1 is the same,I can play on my PS1/PS2 but I prefer to play on my PC).

Better graphic is not such a big deal for me if I can at least use Texture Filtering and if it's PC game at least 1024x768
>>it is a big surprise to get sony's beast on our control
>>playing precious games like god of war 1 & 2 in 1080p
>>PC gaming is always supirior to console.console system do not have
so much portability,flexibility,user-friendly plug&play service.
>>We do not like console exclusive.when sony says god of war is
only for ps2,we get hurt.I brought ps2 few months ago,but now
I am playing GOW2 in pc!!!! to show GOW is no more ps2 exclusive.
emulate the ps2
nothing beats to be able to play Final Fantasy, God of War or Persona 4 on the school and on the go Smile
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