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what's been goin on with zerospu2
Smile just a quik question am I the only one noticing that zerospu2 is sounding well "I dont wanna say this but" awful {Sorry about that} every revision seems to make it worst altough I am still able use the old and original 0.4.6 version that came with the pcsx2 0.9.6 and I know about the great changes in Spu2-x and although it is great Spu2-x is still well a bit more slower by a few FPS compared to zerospu2 0.4.6 I have the feeling that its been well U know left behind Compared to Spu2-x

what di U think about it
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zerospu2 hasn't been updated in a long time.
zerofrog the author of zerospu2 has been away from pcsx2 for years already.

otoh, spu2-x's primary authors are jakestine and gigaherz who are still active with pcsx2, which is why its constantly being updated.

spu2-x is by far better sounding and accurate than zerospu2, so it should be used unless for some reason zerospu2 is better for the particular game.

spu2 is a small factor for speed with pcsx2 compared to the other components, so sound plugins don't make much of a difference speed-wise.
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TNX for the heads up! cotton Hope somebody Pick's it up someday
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SPU2 is also a very important game compatibility factor.
Out of the 3 available plugins, ZeroSPU2 does the least work to correctly emulate the hardware state.
This is the reason it's fast, and also the reason we don't really support it anymore.

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