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what should i upgrade?
now in christmas i will have about 250€ to upgrade my pc,what should i upgrade?graphics card or cpu?(i dont mean for pcsx2 but for games general,i say this because i heard pcsx2 needs more cpu power)

my graphics card:
xfx geforce 8500gt 512mb

mt cpu:
intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz
$0®®¥ ƒ0® |\/|¥ 1337 3|\|9£1$|-|!

(sorry for my 1337 english!)

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For 250 euros, you could probably do both. If you aren't looking for a motherboard jump (IE switching to an i5 or i7 platform) you could handle both.

That said, a better (and probably cheaper bet) would be to get a decent after market cooler and overclock your PC as far as you can push it. It'll probably get you about as far as purchasing a new CPU would at less cost.

Then spend the remainder of your money on a nice vid card of your choice.
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Better get a new graphic card. If you overclock your cpu a little bit it will be ok for all PC games and most ps2 games.
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if you're not an Nvidia fan boy, I'd recommend an ATI 4850. In my opinion, best bang for the buck video card out there. If you're lucky, you could get one for $100-110. I have one and I could run COD 4, highest settings and all, smoothly.
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A 5770 would be best at his price tbh, uses less power, will be cheaper to run in the end, and it's better.
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i think of a sapphire radeon hd 5770 1gb in 164€ but i dont know if it will run in good speeds on my pci e 1.0.
$0®®¥ ƒ0® |\/|¥ 1337 3|\|9£1$|-|!

(sorry for my 1337 english!)

I mean: you're not going to buy a piece of ***** (literally)?
So, don't do.

Wait 'till Fermi. It worth it, I swear.
Kein, I strongly disagree; but I doubt I wouldn't with someone who has "AdvancedWinblowsUser" as their Custom title.

I bought a HD 4870 for £96, you can convert that to USD using Google, guess how much Nvidia's card rivalling the 4870 is? £150~.

Nvidia is losing cash, and fast. Their new cards might not utilize DX11 and they'll be overly expensive (as all Nvidia cards are) if they do.

Just buy a HD4870 for cheap; and a CPU to an i5 if you can afford a motherboard and memory.

And also, the performance difference from 4870 to 5770 is very, very small. The difference is the 5770 uses DX11 which you can only use if you have Windows 7 and I think the 5770 uses less power.

For a DX11 card you'd really want a 5800/5900 series card, because the 5770 wouldn't run DX11 games on max very well, I believe.

Also, Unreal Tournament 3, Red Alert 3, Command And Conquer 3 (That's a lot of 3's), Company of Heroes, Batman Arkham Asylum and Prince of Persia ALL ON MAX run 75-180fps with my 4870 overclocked.
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5770 is cheaper than 4870 (well, depending on your location) and is at the same price point as gtx260
5770 has a max power consumption of ~110w and is still far lower compared to 4870, gtx260 and gts 250

Performance-wise, 5770 is there with 4870 and gtx260...Last benchmark results shown that the 5770 is lagging behind a little bit behind the 2 cards but that is because the catalyst drivers werent fully optimised YET for the whole 5xxx series. Expect improvements.

Mainstream card tiering based on performance

Tier 1
gtx 260, 4870, 5770

Tier 2

Tier 3
4770, gts 250

Tier 4

All of these would make sense in your purchasing decisions depending on how powerful your psu is. No point in buying a gpu card if your psu could not deliver enough juice to it.
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Quote:Kein, I strongly disagree; but I doubt I wouldn't with someone who has "AdvancedWinblowsUser" as their Custom title.
Why did you start talking about personality here, where we are talking about hardware? Are you a troll? Should I report to mods about a cancer on my PCSX2 Forums?

Quote:Just buy a HD4870 for cheap
Yeah! Buy ATI! And have a sex with crappy hardware and... DRIVERS. Oh, these ATI drivers! A legendary thing, indeed. The best example how can you fail @ coding drivers.

FUN FACT: gtx260 runs Crysis as fast as Radeon5870. Nuff said.

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