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whats your first RPG game you played from start to finish
Laugh So as the title asks since a lot of RPG games has been released over the ages which one was your first game that you played and wasted many weekends and Holidays Playing it non stop till finished it

so heres mine Dradon Quest 4 and yes its Quest as in japanese not the warrrior but quest I was around 11[1993] and my famicom [the NES was not available locally unless it was bought abroad] was practically useless since most of my games were in a language I did not understand then this game came as a gift for my birthday I immediately Plugged it on my Famicom the game was so fresh and new to me that I could not stop playin it and tnx to a friend who played the warrior 4 game on his NES[sent to him by his OFW father] coaching I managed to finish it

but now that I am all grown up and think about it the game was just bout wierd 8bit pictures and flashing lights oh well atleast the newest DQ games finally shows your characters during battle[VIII and IX] except the remakes
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Little Ninja Brothers for NES...I really liked that game and clear it at least 3 or 4 times
Chrono trigger was my first ever rpg that i cleared, then ff6 and the Shining Forces 1 n 2 for sega genesis. All such amazing games, man i miss those younger days.
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