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which windows is best for pcsx2
I see a lot of guys sayin' they have win7 64-bit or 32-bit
but what is exactly the difference between the two??!! and which one is best for pc games and pcsx2?

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There's no difference.
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I really recommend 64-Bit nowadays, if you have a CPU that supports it. However that is not a problem, only very old Athlon XP/Semprons and Pentiums/Celerons do not have 64-Bit support. 64-Bit biggest advantage is the ability to use more than 3,xxGB of RAM. 32-Bit OS can only manage up to 3,xxGB of RAM. However stay away from XP 64-Bit version, it's totally half-assed. Vista 64 and Win7 64 are fine though.
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Using the same PC, I really noticed a difference between using DirectX9 and DirectX11...So I think using Windows 7 is better...Maybe I'm wrong and it's the same, but untill someone tell me that I'm wrong... xD
You mean using DirectX 10. DX11 support in GSdx is in ALPHA stages and usually works worse than DX10. No speed increase either, so stay away from it for a couple of years until it's ready Tongue
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Maybe you are right, I only tested one game (Naruto Accel 2) because I just wanna play that one, and believe me, it works better...
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If you don't have more than 3GB of memory, and you already have a 32-bit OS, stick with that.
If you are buying a new OS, you may want to go 64-bit in case you do add more RAM, and also because Windows 7 will be the last 32-bit OS from Windows apparently, and if you want to be able to upgrade to a future OS, you'll need to have a 64-bit OS already installed.

Windows 7 is definitely a recommended OS if you are planning to buy.
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