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Full Version: RemoteJoyLite
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Does anyone in this forum have RemoteJoyLite?

I need help with sth on that program.
with what you need help?
When i hold R and turn on my PsP, it never goes in recovery mode.
you cant show that menu in the pc. you can only see it in the psp.
Read carefully, i mean in the PsP Tongue
rmotejoylite shows the psp screen output in your pc monitor ( i use it) it can show the menus it can show games (psp and ps1 ones) but not the menu that you access when you press R before the psp boots. you can ONLY see that in the psp screen... (if your psp doesnt have custom firmware ofc you cant access that menu, i am on latest m33)
No no no.

In a guide i read, it says "hold R and turn on your PsP and then it should go in recovery mode" "then turn on all the plugins there"

But the problem is, i cant even go into recovery mode on my PsP.

And whats custom firmware?
if you dont know what is a custom firmware forget on using any programs in your psp. google for it
Stop being rude, i just dont know about this stuff ok?

I got a youtube video with custom firmware version 5.00 sth , is it fine? It has an installlation guide and etc..
i am not being rude... i am just telling you how things work. just take your psp to a local store that hacks consoles and they will do it for you. they can tell you more also about what it is, i dont want to say everything here Tongue
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