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Full Version: why are games running slow on my pc?
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most games i've tried, ffx-2 , ff 12, and a couple others are running slow... the movement, sound, are all in slow motion.. the framerate seems to be around 30 fps at all times when this happens... menu's and movies seem to be random, they will either be like this, or run perfectly smooth.. but actual gameplay seems constant

now the thing is, none of my specs seem to be bottlenecking the performance from what i can tell.. i have 2gb of ram, but total used is rarely ever over 1 gb ... i have a athlon x2 5600+ which is a bit slow for todays standards.. but still the total cpu usage doesn't seem to go above 80% during gameplay .. and i have a hd 4670 graphics card . i've seen people on youtube with similar specs (ahtlon x2 6000+) play games including ff 12 flawlessly , and i've followed all the config guides and tried everything i can think of. is my pc just too slow ? does the difference between 5600+ and 6000 really make that big of a difference ? anyone have any clues or suggestions?
Youtube videos are automatically 99% speeded up.
However, -i think- that your cpu is a bit weak...
I have a 6000+ oc'ed @ 3.3 ghz imo, and well FFXII is sometimes at 40 fps. (Especcally the scene I am benching). With all speedhacks enabled and the latest rev.

Well I think it does matter, the difference betwen a 6000+ and a 5600+(based on ur cpu speed after oc).

But Well, the 40 FPS scene is a Cutscene(NO FMV) so it's okay. I enjoy playing FF12 on my pc (usually at 55+fps).
okay so i just noticed while running epsxe ps1 emulator with peops software graphic plugin , the EXACT same problem occurs .. hovers almost exactly on 30 fps with everything (video and sound) in slow motion.. and my total cpu usage is never going over 50%

i know my cpu isnt exactly the best out today, but come on it should be more than enough to run a ps1 emulator, and it's just weird that the problem is the exact same on both emulators with the exact same speed reduction.

could these two problems be related? and ANY idea what could be causing it?
what grphics card? "and i have a hd 4670 graphics card ." I've never heard of this one
(02-22-2009 02:22 AM)Saiki Wrote: [ -> ]what grphics card? "and i have a hd 4670 graphics card ." I've never heard of this one

ati sapphire radeon hd 4670

comparable to a 9600 gt
What about your OS, i play games with pcsx2 in Os vista ultimate 32bit sp.1 and XP. sp.3. On 3d game like Ffxii my cpu almost working at.99% and seldom to above 60% in all of core, my cpu AMD X2 5200 OC to 3.1ghz and grapich card HD.3870 512mb. In my experience OS vista give me more fps rather than XP in many games.
using vista home premium 32 bit sp 1 ... ram and cpu never goes above 60-80% max that i've seen in any game, but fps stay around 30 fps and everything is in extreme slow motion... it's completely unplayable.. speedhacks and different plugins don't improve the problem either
Try to complete uninstall ATI driver and install back. If you have mobo onboard grapich Make sure to disable it in option bios. If doesnt enought Try to set vertical sync to alwaysOFF in ATI CC Center and disable/uncheck vsynce on gsdx plugin.
done this already
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