[ Guitar hero 5 without singer ]
Hello to all.

I play very well many games (god of war 1, 2) but in guitar hero 5 not appear the singer (example kurt cobain) how do for appear the singer ?

Very thanks you
[Image: errorgh5.jpg]

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try set to SW mode.
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(03-14-2012, 10:19 AM)tallbender Wrote: try set to SW mode.

I don't understand "sw mode", but if you refer to software mode... that mode is util for 4.4 Mhz or superior.

Thanks you

Pd: i have: AMD Athlon x2, 3.0 Mhz, 2 gb ram, ati 4870 ddr3 win 7 64 bits.

It only works properly in Software mode probably. And no you don't need 4,4 Ghz or more, 3,4 Ghz quad core would handle it fine.
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