[ Final fantasy xii video and game ]
Hello to all
I begin with pcxs2 0.98 is incredible speed from 45 to 50 fps...
i begin play final fantasy xii but...

With uncheck native on "gdsx 4600 msvc sse2 directx 10 hardware" the game look incredible but video see ugly....
[Image: FkuSn.jpg]
video with unckech "native" option
[Image: FL6Ap.jpg]
The game look perfect

If i check native option... the videos look very nice but the game as ugly...sawtooth
[Image: 0LIR5.jpg]
With check native the videos look perfect but the game see ugly,

Please how do for view perfect the videos and game... (i change scaling to 3x or 4x but not appear nothing, with 2x i see perfect)

Very thanks you.

Msi athlon x2 3.0 Mhz, 2 gb ram 400 mhz, Win 7 64 bits, ati 4870 1 gb ddr3. pcxs2 0.98 at 50 fps.


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try with a square internal res like 1024*1024 or switch to software mode during FMVS using F9 and switch back to hardware mode when it comes back to actual gameplay
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You cant run any games on 3mhz
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(11-30-2011, 05:07 AM)thatwasonce Wrote: You cant run any games on 3mhz

he just mispelled and thats impossible for an birth of the IBM
he will be corrected at 3Ghz
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(11-30-2011, 05:10 AM)tallbender Wrote: he just mispelled and thats impossible for an birth of the IBM
he will be corrected at 3Ghz

Ha I even got a warning for it.
Just hate when people mix up Ghz and Mhz
and alot, 17% on my way to getting banned from one joke ;D

also; did you try software mode?
You could try pressing F9, as posted above, but that may cause a slowdown, you can always just switch settings during game play, just always save to your memory card
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