¿What configuration of RAM wuld work better?
2GB DDR2 333 Mhz x4
2GB DDR2 1033 Mhz x2

Pros and cons???

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If you use Vista/Win 7 I'd recommend above 2 GB RAM, not that you'll have problems with 2GB though (I have 2 gb as well). Second will perform better but for PCSX2 performance both will be the same
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Hello Hi,

when using Ram it does not make a diffrence when using the ps2 emu u could have 8GB ram or 2GB ram, won't really make any diffrence tbh. Rolleyes

sorry it has 0 impact unless u are going from 256mb to 2-3GB
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2GB DDR2 1033 Mhz x2 is better for me but don't focus on system memory....cpu and gpu is more important than ram.
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