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I'm not sure how demanding this game is but you can give it a shot. Make sure to set your gsdx resolution to native. If you end up getting it to run with just some slowing play with your speedhack presets at the bottom.
I have a amd althon 2 x4 2.9 @ 3.2. Try OC your cpu and getting a new card like a ati 5750.
the 5670 isn't that slow compared to the 5750 Smile difference is not really noticeable, though if you really would go for a newer card I would recommend the 5770 then it's a crapload faster then the 5750 (Logical heh) Smile
The difference between an HD 5670 and 5750 is greater than that between the 5750 and 5770.
And the difference there certainly wouldn't be a "crapload", especially when the 5670 is already DDR5.

If you're going to upgrade, make it count; Go for a real upgrade to a card with a 256-bit bus (HD 5800). There's your "crapload". Wink

Although, that HD 5670 should be plenty, especially at lower resolution.
In fact, it should handle up-scaled resolution to some degree in most occasions.

If you, NEOLightJak, were to bottleneck (at low res), it would typically be you processor (AMD dual @ 3.0Ghz), or just emulation compatibility in general.

Give it a try, and consider OCing your CPU if you're capable. It usually will help if you need more speed. Smile

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