0.9.6 Ubuntu Linux - Final Fantasy XII
For PCSX2 under wine: it installs, starts and config.... but on launching games, it exits on ZeroGS "need at least vs2.0" .

Seems wine emulation is blocking something with directx (and yes, I have 9.0c installed under wine)

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(03-04-2009, 07:50 PM)Abner78 Wrote: Not tried with wine... you just gave me an idea.... :-)

I tend to do that Smile wine is usually unstable, but I thought it might have been worth a shot to suggest attempting it (I've never had issues with wine at all)

edit: What happens if you try gsdx?
UPDATE : with gsdx same thing... then I tried to use directx in native mode... ZeroGs and Gsdx dump....

Well... seems I gotta play low res on my HDTV :-)
yea, probably, but at least something works, right?

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