0.9.6 progress
Some news on 0.9.6 progress. I've compiled revision 1762 and now working on making it play games Wink This will probably take a while, but at least i now have a working binary Smile

Some pics of the gui for that matter Wink
[Image: x11screensnapz007.jpg]
[Image: x11screensnapz009.jpg]
[Image: x11screensnapz008.jpg]

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Yes, made some progress, i can already run bios:
[Image: x11screensnapz011.jpg]
[Image: x11screensnapz012.jpg]
[Image: x11screensnapz013.jpg]

This is AA4x, the following speedhacks are enabled:
[Image: x11screensnapz014.jpg]
Video available here:
ffxii video up, full speed

Great job zedr0n keep it up Smile Would be great to have a 0.9.6 for MAC users too
[Image: newsig.jpg]
0.9.6 has been released, so this thread is closed

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