0.9.6 question on 2 core machines
to be honest i want expecting pcsx2 to even run on my machine (below)

Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz (2 CPUs)
2GB Ram
GeForce 9800 GT+512mb

i tried persona 4, zombie hunters as a test, and was getting 15-35 in game, 55-60 in menu's but like i said i expected it to be slooow lol

my friend recently upgraded his pc to a (see below)

Intel® Pentium® D CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
2GB Ram
GeForce 9600 GT+512mb

so he offered to try it on his as its dual core so i expected it to run the games alot better than me as pcsx2 is supposed to use 2 cores? but he's getting the exact same speed as me even though his core tuner said both were working so im lost why doesnt his pc do a better job?


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pentium D is on the very low side of dual cores

a core 2 duo @ 2.2 Ghz would give better results than a pentium D.
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Pentium D is based on the Pentium 4 architecture which is weak so it's not surprising it doesn't get better results specially since the P4 is hyperthreaded. If you were to compare it to a Core 2 Duo or a Pentium Dual-Core (different from Pentium D and based on Core 2) it would be much slower, sometimes a Core 2 duo @ 2ghz would beat a Pentium D @ 3.6ghz and taking in count the recommended CPU for PCSX2 is a Core 2 Duo @ 3.2GHz or higher... well you get the picture Tongue2
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