0.9.7(dark cloud)(noob)
I have read everything in this forum to get started and i still cannot get dark cloud 1 to run on my laptop here are its specs:

-AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile Processor N930
-ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 graphics card
-Windows 7 x64 base
-Memory 4GB DDR3
-CUP speed 1.994ghz

Before i had my computer formated i was playing la pucelle and FFX10 at full speeds without speed hacks.
Anyone willing to help a noob out lol

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What problems do you get? What settings?
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FFX and most 2d games are going to be a lot easier with your 2.0Ghz CPU. Just making sure you know. Smile

So, Dark Cloud will not even boot? Post some screen shots of your PCSX2 settings. Particularly anything you've changed from default in the Emulation Settings, since I'd swear the game shouldn't need any special settings just to boot...

General tip: Set GSdx to native resolution when you're trying to get the best speed possible with a game. You can try raising the resolution after. This will help you see your GPU's resolution limit a lot easier (for that game).
Ok heres my setting and im getting about 19-25fps (some parts jump to 62 and 40s/50s) the game boots fine(just slow Tongue2) and if it helps the actually menu of the ps2 (with memory card manager and config settings) runs just as slow as dark cloud does. using Direct 3d 11 with Native and bob tff interlacing(dark cloud needs it cus its all cut up)                            
Use the EE Cyclerate and/or VU Cycle Stealing sliders (in Speedhacks). You may want to try adding a little bit at a time. You should get a higher FPS on average, but know that your processor most likely will not end up achieving a full, steady 60fps.
lol im topiing out on 20-30fps lol no hope i suppose
Well, if you've done all that's mentioned and all you get is 30fps (gameplay), then there is not much you can do. Sorry, pal. Try not to be too disappointed, a 2Ghz AMD isn't necessarily the ideal processor for PCSX2, anyway. You should expect some limitation at some points.

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