0.9.7 guide?
I am having a lot of problems with 0.9.7. I popped in my cd for ROTK X after configuring everything and I am not sure what to do after that. The FAQ is only good for 0.9.6 so what is the deal with this new version? I know it said some parts were incomplete but I was under the impression that it was usable since it was released on the main page. Rolleyes

What am I missing here? Please be gentle if I am being stupid. Sorry.

NEVERMIND! Sorry I was being stupid like I thought I was. Smile
Just getting used to this new setup. Sorry for the spam post.
I figured out what I was doing wrong but I still cant get anything to work.
I am going to go back to 0.9.6. This version is too incomplete as of yet.

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No it's not. It's different only. In 0.9.6 you click the ISO and it starts. 0.9.7 starts everything from one only place (The boot CDVD). The difference is only you need to select the ISO before doing so, in the Browse option in the GUI and using "Iso" instead plugin, or mounting the image in some plugin and using "plugin".

What confound people is if using the internal reader the image must NOT be mounted elsewhere, nor in physical or virtual driver. BTW, It can't be seen by any plugin.

PS: Still, that's somewhat confuse indeed and crashing the emulator if not followed does not help. That part needs polishing indeed and a clear way to tell the user he/she is creating a conflicting situation case more than one image is seen by the emulator at same time.
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I am not using an ISO. I am using a CD. This is all going completely over my head. I really don't want to use this but thanks for the help. Lilypad is also going bonkers with a whole bunch of errors.
I understand and the 0.9.6 maybe is better for that specific game, I really don't know. Just surely the new version is clearly better and refined for most others, so if someday it is the case you can ever change. Anyway, other than occupy disc space, making an ISO from the CD has every and all advantages possibles.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Please keep using 0.9.6 and the plugins that came with it then, as the guides cover all that Smile

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