0.9.8 Crashing
My emulator is crashing with about 5 min. game. I noticed an interesting thing when it crashes. It seems that the sound plugin that is crashing. I tried to post the emulog.txt but did not know how to find it. Here some pictures.

If anyone knows of any tips, would be grateful.

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The emulog.txt is located in the "logs" folder in your PCSX2 directory (where it's installed or extracted).
Thanks xD. Here is the emulog.

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Disable the "debug options" (why is it enabled anyway? Tongue2) and use the directsound output module maybe.
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Haha, I left enabled debug unintentionally. I was enable to see the options.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try with Directsound and other modes, then come back to give an answer.
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