(0.9.8 Official) SMT Nocturne(NTSC) Freezing Before Battles

So I've been wanting to get back to Nocturne for a while, and have run into this problem: any time I enter a battle (after I've entered Asakusa) the game hangs as the enemys do that popping in thing. The music continues, but the graphical output freezes. Its not area-specific as far as I can tell, since I've used the Terminal to warp to different areas and they all freeze as I enter a battle. Also of interest is any time I try to enter a Fountain of Life, the same sort of thing happens (screen hangs on black, music continues), except this returns the error:

Vif1: Unknown VifCmd! [3c]
Vif1: Unknown VifCmd! [8c]

I've tried changing the clamp mode to full and the round mode to nearest but neither have fixed it. Any help is appreciated!


Windows 7
i5 430m
ATI 5650

PCSX 0.9.8
GSdx (SSE4.1) 0.1.16 (Direct3D11 Hardware, 8-bit textures, blend tff)
SPU2-X 1.4 (default)
Linuz ISO 0.9

Emulation Settings:
Preset 1 (Safest)

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right, well, after another hour or so of tinkering I fixed it with a simple re-dump of my game. Apparently my first dump was bad somehow, works like a charm now!
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