0.9.8 questions
Cpu: i5 2500k @ 3.3
Video Card: 9800 GT
Mobo: Asus p8p67 Deluxe
Ram: Gskill 2x4 gb 1600 Doh!
PSU: Thermaltake 850
Win 7 32bit

First off I want to say thank you to the developers for creating such a good program. It's nice to try and go back through my old games and see if they run well.

1 So I just put this computer together and it's pretty nice. Although, I'm wondering if I'm not getting the full power of my system. I recently tried Rogue Galaxy and it runs pretty slowly in the beginning. About 35 to 40 fps at the first fight. Also the Bouncer runs at about the 25 to 30. Am I setting something wrong, I've seen video's of people running Rogue Galaxy full speed and my system, from what I thought, should be capable.

2 Would I get a signifigant performance boost from Win 7 64 bit?

3 Does running pcsx 2 from the main drive, and running an iso from a different drive affect performance, or anything at all?


I'm at work right now so I don't have access to my settings.

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2 and 3 no and no. I'm not sure how much CPU demanding these games are but videos are usually sped up to full speed regardless of actual fps while playing so don't make conclusions about speed from them.
Have you tried setting some of the recommended speed hacks?
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Bositman I've watched the forums for a long time and I have to say that you are awesome with your sephiroth obsession haha

As far as Rogue Galaxy and the recommended settings. I am using some speedhacks and thats pretty much the speed where I'm at, 35 to 40. I'll post my settings in a few hours when I get home.

I'll start at default and let you know what happens. I do remember setting ee at the mid setting and getting the same thing. Not sure. I'll update soon.
Bositman has the blood trait ability of seeing through suckups and banning them with his katana.

i would avoid doing so (unless money or other material donations are provided at point)

any how, isolate PCSX2 to 2 cores using the task manager affinity controls and give us a rough estimate of how much the 2 cores are used while running this game.
Using higher resolutions can affect your FPS with this game rather easily, especially when you start hitting 3x or 4x scaling. That's with my GTX 460 SE, so your results in this shouldn't be far off. Make sure you're not pushing your GPU's limits with too high of a res. If you have upped the res, try reducing the internal res and see if it's affecting your speed. Maybe just go straight to native res and see what happens.

I'm a bit surprised by your FPS otherwise. Granted, I haven't yet tried this one at stock (3.3Ghz+Turbo=3.4Ghz on my end Sad). I guess it's safe to say that if you overclocked your 2500K (which is so incredibly easy), you should have astounding FPS without any Speedhacks.

I've have only tried now @ 4.5Ghz. I'll see how well it does at a lower clock now (you got me curious Smile).

BTW - What's with the "Doh!" by your RAM?
Thanks for the response Squall. I actually like Squall just as much as Cloud and Sephiroth. 7 & 8 were the best. Not sure if it was a good idea to compliment you though Laugh Please don't shoot me with your huge gunsword!

So, I'll try that and include my ini file when I get off work.

Also, is Game booster recommened to use?
The doh means I was silly and bought the suggested ram on newegg. Not realizing that I could have bought 4 gb of better ram for the same price. So yeah, DOH!

Ok, I'll put it at native and see what happens.
LOL. Yeah, they like to "get ya".

Yeah, definitely look into your resolution setting. I'm still getting 60fps+ without Speedhacks @ 3.0Ghz.

Gamebooster... That's a silly app. No, don't bother using it. Smile
Well, ur right, they got me good haha

So I just got home and tried out Rogue Galaxy and it ran super smooth.... I can't f'ing believe it! I switched to native and set the affinity and that worked. Got perfect speed.

Thanks Rezard, Squall and Bosit. I truly appreciate it. I been waiting for this day for so long. My opteron 185 @ 2.6 died a couple weeks ago, so I had to upgrade. I think I did pretty good for what I have.

I been watching the forums and google code for like 4 or so years. I have to say the roo stuff was hilarious and I've enjoyed reading everything. I've played games for so long and it's nice to go back and play all my old ones.

Thanks again.
this points to turbo being the problem.

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