007 Nightfire - Graphic Bugs
Well guys, as Im testing some of my PS2 games on PCSX2...it was the time to see how bad Nightfire would look here, since it uses the idTech 3 Engine, same as Quake 3. And we knew that most of these games ran pretty bad in past revs.

The thing is that it surprised me! A lot!

First of all, the videos have some random slowdown (Strangely enough the EE is like 30%)...but that's not really a problem to me, I guess its kinda minor.

As you guys can see, the title screens and menu's look pretty much perfect, without any kind of slowdown.

(Thumbnails, Clic them for Full size! Laugh)

[Image: th_1.jpg][Image: th_2.jpg]

I started a Multiplayer match with bots, surprised by nice graphics at 60fps, with all the bots I could fit. Not even a slightly slowdown.

[Image: th_3.jpg]

However, turned the view to move...and bam!

[Image: th_4.jpg][Image: th_5.jpg]

The Sky corrupts randomly when changing our viewpoint it seems, and some places of our weapon (Alpha-channeled textures) corrupt at the same time (Reflection-like textures I suppose). This happens with almost every weapon out there.

Its easier to see in these next pics:
[Image: th_9.jpg][Image: th_6.jpg][Image: th_8.jpg][Image: th_7.jpg]

Its seems to affect every texture with an alpha channel, or any object with a reflection, the blood when you die, the cart in the cable and even the flashes from the rifle.

Moving on, I went inside to see that the interiors (without reflections or any kind of alpha) look pretty much perfect, even the lighting is pretty accurate!

[Image: th_10.jpg][Image: th_11.jpg]

I decided to try the main campaign for a while too...but I guess the first level was too much for the alpha textures, the snow in the first level is just a mess and when I turn my view it even disappear. Notice the walls in the castle with the same problems. There are other objects that suffer from this problem, the fences and some random places too.

[Image: th_12.jpg][Image: th_13.jpg][Image: th_14.jpg]

But good enough, the game ran at solid 60fps, with all recommended speedhacks and VU1 enabled, it changed a little but it was about 70% EE, 50% GS, 30% VU. The sound is pretty much perfect too if someone wants to know.

This both happens in Software and Hardware GSDX modes (DX11 and DX9) so that's why I didnt reported this on the GSDX Topic, I guess this is an emulator bug. My specs are on the sig below this topic, and the rev I used was 4872, I know that using SVN may not be useful for user reports, but this is a recent build and I guess the same thing happent back then in past revs or versions.

Any kind of clue or advice to fix these? Laugh

Edit: Oh, also I guess Im just stupid, this should be on Bug Reports? Tongue Anyone caring to move it~~?
[Image: 6jj70x.png]

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In that first mission if you switch between software and hardware modes you can see a difference so it could be GSdx problem. No idea how to fix it tho, the game remains as "Ingame" only for now.
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I get strangely inconsistent results with this game, on that same multiplayer map I get full fps and stuff. I do get that same problem with the sky only sometimes because all the problems seem to go off/on at random to whether its the sky or the reticle etc. Really strange, I did have a game once where everything seemed perfect, but then the bloody mini-vehicle cam was bugged I was like "Unfortunate..."

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