007 Nightfire's Emulation Help
Hi guys. I'm new around here, and as you may see, i need help.

I'm running a James Bond movie project called 007: One Last Shot, and i am needing gameplay of 007: Nightfire for many scenes.

That's why i'm here; i need help of you guys to get footage from the gameplay of one of the missions. So, i gotta get the game emulated. But i'm getting trouble having it on the right graphics - I've already got all the rest on the perfect configuration, the problem now it's just the graphics configuration. I change something, then Another thing changes up.

I also don't know if the Firewire also changes something about the graphics, so i need help about it too. The one i'm using is 'Europe v1.60(04/10/2001) Console'.

I use the PCSX 2 1.00 version.

The Plugins and BIOS help that i'm using up is attached below.

Could someone help, please? It's essential that I need your help, guys.

EDIT: Oh, 1 more thing bros: i don't need a main-menu running. The game just needs to have a perfect ingame.

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