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1.4.0 released! - Year end report
(01-08-2016, 09:35 PM)xemnas99 Wrote: Thank you for the report. Is it possible to convert save states created by version 1.0.0 to make them loadable by version 1.4.0?

I wouldn't count on it. Why do you ask?

I think it's best to use 1.0.0, save in-game, and copy your virtual memory card over to 1.4.0.

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(01-08-2016, 09:40 PM)Devina Wrote: I wouldn't count on it. Why do you ask?

I just want a confirmation. If it's impossible, I'll delete them. Smile
It's impossible. Or at least not considered to implement. The question is just of you would rather like to keep them for the 1.0 version. However if you didnt need them so far you probably dont need them in the future.
Any feature to change ps2 clock in running game without going through bios to skip a day for game.
Was really digging the 0.4.0 dev9 gigaherz plugin being included in the 1.3.1 git builds, any reason that plugin didn't make it into the stable build?
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EQOA Revival Wiki

I think there's a new issue, caused by:

"[Bug-Fix] Improved CRTC output size handling by ssakash and .r5"

In Resident Evil: Code Veronica (NTSC-U version) in 1.4.0, part of the lower screen seems cut off.

It seems to have nothing to do with widescreen hacks as it occurs even when it's disabled:

[Image: vagxosz.png]

Note how the upside down triangle at the very bottom is cut off.
Yes, there are plans for better detection on CRTC output size handling, the current saturation limit isn't really ideal , it should be replaced with something even better. I think the SMODE , DISPLAY registers will help on accurate detection. Smile


we didn't encounter any of these bugs on a actual game though, can you provide the emulog when the issue occurs via PM (not to mess up this thread) ? before providing the emulog go to the console window -> Sources -> Check "Dev/Verbose" to enable debug messages on the log. I'll try checking the game when I get some time.
@ssakash add the info on github (the similar issue with the bios)
As much as people trash talk PCSX2 (yada yada hacky, muh clean code), it's still the only working and worthwhile PS2 emulator. I remember when I started using PCSX2, "Playground" versions where somehow a thing. It improved a lot since then and I love it to play all the games that never made it to PALland / have ***** PAL versions. PCSX2 may not have the fastest development, but it continues and that's important.
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As already said in the report development speeds up again.

I am.always quite confused when people say pcsx2 is bad. Obviously we have a quite high playability rate and nowadays get full speed on most recent above-mid range cpu's. I would actually not be suprised if development effort decreases as it is already overall a nice system. But somehow accuracy is still increasing in a large amount.

I am excited to see how pcsx2 evolves in the next years.

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