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Umm.. hi, I'm new here and I have this question that has been bothering me for some time now. The thing is, I've been using my laptop to emulate my PS2 games and surprisingly, most of the games were emulated perfectly with only slight, trivial flaws if any.

However, I noticed that whenever the pcsx starts emulating, my CPU usage would jump straight to 100%. Just one question, is this er.... healthy for my laptop? I heard that laptops aren't even supposed to be used to emulate ps2 games at the first place so I was wondering whether emulating ps2 games would eventually incur unwanted adverse effects on my laptop. Thanks in advance Laugh

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Do you have DC mode turned on? Turning off might impact speed a little but can reduce CPU usage by a lot for most games.
I had both MTGS and DC on. When I turned them off, my CPU usage did drop considerably (50-60%). But then again, it barely affected the performance of the emulation so I'd say it's a good trade-off. Thanks for the tips. Laugh
Well: the MTGS mode doesn't increase CPU usage in a pointless manner (the DC mode does) and it does substantially improve speed in many games. Also, it spreads out the CPU usage between the cores, which might be better for the laptop (I have no idea).
Well, PCSX2 will most likely use all the resources you've got there especially it's a lappy Tongue
If your CPU is not @ 100%, then your GPU is your bottleneck.
Since it's already @ 100%, then it means it, CPU, is your bottleneck, hence decreasing its performance will decrease the speed in PCSX2.
Well, just watch the temperature of your laptop, other than that, it should be fine Laugh.
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Utmost gratitude for the insightful comments guys, thanks! Biggrin MTGS does indeed retain my CPU usage at 50-60% and it even drops lower occasionally so I don't see why I should have it turned off then Tongue As for the heating, I think I'll manage with my trusty cooling pad, hopefully Tongue Seriously, thanks for the tips guys! Biggrin
My laptop usually runs it at about 60%ish which is fine for me as im never really using any other programmes while playing games, I have a notpad cooler and keep my laptop vents clean and clear, all should be fine.

id reccomend getting a cooling pad, keeps mine lovely and cool all the time, and just plugs into a USB port.

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