100% GPU usage
I noticed my GPU is going up to 100% with PCSX2 and I'm getting lower frames than normalĀ  jumping around 50-60FPS. I noticed this for a bit but just brushed it off as win10 doing background stuff.

Win10x64 (UEFI Fast Boot)

GPU: R9 390
CPU: AMD FX 435 4.2ghz
PSU: idk...750-800w? Coolermaster 80GOLD

I "think" I have all GPU power save features off.


OPGL, X2 res, Acc. Date off, Blending basic.
Default audio
default controls w/ (SCP connected to plugin)
Speed hacks all on (sliders at default)

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The gpu is good but the cpu is slow for emulation(the recommended STR for pcsx2 and most 3D games is around 1600 and your cpu have 1000)

And for AMD gpu,DX in most cases works better OGL
Well actually for ***** I went back to DX HW and it's so much faster... Also i meant FX 4350 not 435

This is either just because PCSX2 is getting more complicated (accurate) or AMD drives causing this dumb mess. I guarantee you OPGL was the fastest for my PC. I got really confused as to why KH1 got all of a sudden slow. I'll stick with DX then.
OpenGL drivers for AMD cards are awful and it almost halves your performance compared to DX. On Nvidia cards the performance between DX and OGL is very comparable.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

It also depends on the PCSX2 version. OpenGL is quite more accurate than Dx and it doesn't come for free. The cost also depends on the game. Sometime accurate blending can kill your perf even on Nvidia (often in AMD), sometime it is even faster...

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