100% speed but stuttering

Every 30 seconds or so, when I play for example God of War 2 or FFX, the framerate drops/stutters. It happens pretty much periodically. PCSX2 (1.6) reports 100% speed at all times, CPU usage and GPU usage in task manager are under 50% and I can't see either spiking when the stuttering occurs.

My specs:
64GB Ram

I tried a lot of the info I could find in some topics:
Fit to window or 16:9, vsync on/off, full cpu speed, enable the EnableVsyncWindowFlag, but it not helped.
Not with D11, OpenGL or even SW mode. And not even in window mode! And I just play in normal PS2 resolution (no speedhacks, everything on default.).

Wanted to add a YT video about it because videos say more than 1000 words, but... it isn't possible here...
So if you still want to see it, just search for "GOW2pcsx2stutterissue" on YT. That's how I name it.

I don't really understand. Does anybody know what this could be or how to troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance.

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I don't see anything unusual in your vid.
That said, using latest nightly build + vulkan renderer may help a bit.
Even if that clearly looks like a game engine issue. Don't you have the same "stutters" when playing it on your real PS2 console ?
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Thanks for the reply but your answer confuses me a bit. You say it looks clearly like a game engine issue, after you said that you don't see anything unusual. So.... ?

Yes, God of War 2 is a game that runs 95% with buttersmooth 60fps and this scene is one of it. God of War 1 is 60fps for the whole game. And it has the same issues. I also mentioned FFX (30fps), where this issue also happens. Also if you just watch animation and do nothing. It has nothing to do with the game engine.

I also wrote that I tested it with OpenGL Direct3D and Software. So Vulkan will probably not change that, but I will try. Thanks.
jesalvein also asked you if the stutters happen on your real PS2 console, because it's believed that it does. Have you tested on your PS2 game console?
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I thought I already answered that:
Quote:Yes, God of War 2 is a game that runs 95% with buttersmooth 60fps and this scene is one of it. God of War 1 is 60fps for the whole game.

But to clarify:
No, on PS2 hardware the game runs perfectly fine without stutters.
Thanks for the help. It was about the monitor's refresh rate. But can't say more because nobody would understand anyway.  Happy
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