1080i stopped working granturismo 4
I used the 1080i setting before and it worked fine but now when I select in in the option it goes to 1080ii but when I hit ok it switches back to normal resolution

also its the 1080I that's in the games settings when im playing not the 3times resolution in the emulator settings

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The display settings in GT4 do not apply until you fully exit the settings menu, they only apply at certain parts of the game, and they do not save to the memory card either so you will need to reapply them each time you launch the game. This is all within the game, not something you can configure your way around.

Side note, the ingame 1080i setting is inferior to using 480p and then setting GSdx to 3x native. Quality will be way better that way.
More specifically, 1080i is only used between the pre-race menu and the actual race and maybe when photo shooting, but I haven't checked that. But if you're upscaling resolution, quality will be worse like pandubz said. I left it on progressive as it doesn't really bother me. Also, the game will reset back to progressive when loading the save, so it's pointless to change output modes unless if you don't mind changing it everytime.
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