120 fps
I have a rather powerful computer and i get well over 60 fps.
my monitor is 144hz and i would love it if i could run this at 120fps atleast and play at normal speed, if someone knows a way i would much appreciate it.

(Didn't mean for that to sounds like i was bragging btw.)

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Only use Framelimmit.(f4)
(02-03-2014, 05:29 AM)DESTRUIDOR Wrote: Only use Framelimmit.(f4)

I don't have an issue limiting the framerate, i just want to do something like slow down game time to half speed so 120 fps would be normal speed, but im assuming it isnt possible.
Use slown motion adjust.
The frame limiting on PS2 (consoles) is locked down and synced with game speed by the game's engine. Technically this can be hacked, but 9 times out of 10 it will cause more issues than it's worth, and it would also have to be done on a per-game basis for the most part, if it was to even work effectively.
PS2 as many consoles was designed for TV and so complies with it's standards (hence 60HZ for NTSC and 50HZ for PAL). Besides it's internal timings are tied to that framerate as well, meaning whatever is off is translated by slow motion or fast motion.

So, what you are asking that is halving the action pace so it's restored when running at 120HZ is somewhat alike some attempts on performance people have been trying since the dawn of time(around few years) and getting only all kind of issues and desync problems.

Notice it's a PS2 "feature" and trying to do different is out the emulation already.

One more thing, that's not putting salt at the wound but most games work at effective 30FPS, be it because the interlace tech or simply to try and gain some performance on the actual console, yes some PS2 games are much more demanding than others.

There are attempts doing something like you asked but it is done at "game level", not at emulator's level... even so the results are not a wonder.

PS: by game level I mean the game itself must be patched so to try and achieve it. (edit): even in this case what is being attempted is getting the game to run at "actual" 60HZ, imagine the problems trying to get it running at double this rate.
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