120FPS in PCSX2
Okay, so A couple days ago, I happened to have been messing around in PCSX2, again either playing KH, KHFM, KHII, KHIIFM, or KH Re:CoM, but one day was different, in the GSdx plugin, I changed the interlacing mode to 'Blend tff', and I got this slight blur, although it basically looked somewhat like the PS2's "Pseudo motion blur" that the KH engine uses from time to time, but things got interresting when I combined A 60FPS patch for KHIIFM that I saw on A video Keytotruth uploaded and A half-speed patch Virgin KLM made, I changed the NTSC FPS limit to exactly 119.88FPS, I doubled the FPS so I could speed the game back up to normal speed, and the result was A KHIIFM game with an FPS cap of 120FPS.


The emulated PS2 doesn't have enough power to run KHIIFM at 120FPS and will commonly slow down to 60FPS, and in rarer cases, the game's default 30FPS. But in cases where the game CAN run at 120FPS, like the battle with Roxas or the 'The reason Sora was chosen' cutscene, switching the interlacing mode to Blend tff can give you great benefits, such as producing A pseudo motion blur effect that makes the game look even smoother.


I would change the base game speed to 200% in the emulator settings, but that makes the music twice as fast. Hopefully, the PCSX2 developers will one day add an EE overclocking feature to increase the emulated Emotion Engine's clock speed by 33% and then 50%, much like A reverse version of the EE underclock feature PCSX2 already has, so the emulated PS2 will have enough power to run games at 120FPS (Which would require half-speed game patches) so the blend tff interlacing mode can be made useful, and allow 30FPS PS2 games be able to run at A fully stable 60FPS, were they to be given 60FPS patches, so people can enjoy more resource intensive games like Dark Cloud 2 (I Assume it's resource intensive since on my previous PC the FPS was always dropping), The PS2 ports of the GTA games, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, and other resource intensive PS2 games. But the emulated PS2 already has enough power to run simple stuff at 120FPS, see below:

(You will need to speed the videos up to 2X for the full experience of 120FPS in PCSX2.)

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wow.. please structure this so it is easier on the eyes
Okay, I did. Now can we focus on the main topic? It's apparently possible to use cheats to get A PS2 game running at 120FPS VIA Half-speed (and 60FPS if the game runs at 30FPS) patches and changing the NTSC FPS limit to 119.88FPS, but the emulated PS2 lacks the power to stabily run games at 120FPS, which 120FPS would be made useful with the blend tff interlacing mode to give off A pseudo motion blur effect.

By now, A EE Overclock feature would be nice.
But if you don't get sufficient results isn't that because you system is too weak?

Can you explain how to double the speed in the html5 player?
To double the video playback speed, click on the gear icon where you change the video resolution and such, and then click on the 'Speed option'. Select 2X.

My system is clearly too weak for 120FPS, but it's the emulated PS2's clock speed isn't high enough to run games at 120FPS, games like KHIIFM usually slow down to 60FPS or the default 30FPS even on A powerful PC - since PCSX2 will mimic how games ran on the real console. The reason I feel like an EE overclock feature would be nice is so that PCs that have enough power to run PS2 games at 120FPS can make use of the 'Blend tff' interlacing mode to create pseudo motion blur.
pcsx2 is not design to do this. your also add to compatibility issues that are already being added by the hacks needed to do this. Accuracy will always come first as far pcsx2 goes
So really, PCSX2 is just not showing any signs of ever having an overclock feature added?
(05-11-2014, 11:08 PM)Zack-silvia Wrote: So really, PCSX2 is just not showing any signs of ever having an overclock feature added?

due to the way a PS2 works (kind of sybchronized streaming between cores), I don't think it would be a good idea. You would have at best : performance loss, at worst : compatibility issues.
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But a cool thing to play with Laugh
(05-12-2014, 12:36 AM)Happy Wrote: But a cool thing to play with Laugh

Not at emulator's level. Would be to much work just to get greater chances of things breaking hard, if at all possible to implement.

This is the kind of thing that must be made at game basis and even so, as already seen in the few attempts made, not worthwhile.

Understand that what is being asked is a structural change in the way PS2 works (and then all it's software as well, meaning games here), so it's a no no.
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