15fps speed regression, revision identified
Hey there!
it took time to dig out revision responsible for big fps loss so just hear me out.
I was on 1.4.0 stable playing Baldurs Gate 2 (NTSC-U), it was running ok. slowdown here and there, nothing major.
Then i decided to update to newest build and i notice ~15fps drop
From 60+ down to 42-45-47
area in question is Red Fang Goblin Lair.
i have provided memory card for ur own test if u wish.
it is enough to spawn in area and see the difference, walking arround fps goes down really hard , down to 30 at some moments , before was 50ish in same.

Anyway , i narrowed revision which was causing this.
v1.5.0-dev-342-gaff7513 works good
Next build and all after that are broken.
There is 2 commits before actual next build so i cannot be positive which one is the cause.
2016-02-15 21:27:51
GSDX: Disable Nvidia hack when in native res
2016-02-21 19:41:38
No build
EE-Panel: gray out EE Cache when recompiler is set
2016-02-21 13:15:23
No build
About Box: Fix a very minor typo
Logically i would assume it was "GSDX: Disable Nvidia hack when in native res"
BUT i am not running game in native ress? and yes i am using nvidia.

Nvidia gtx 950. Tested on both win7/10 x64
used only scaling x3 for test
no hacks, no speed ups. no cheats or wide hacks, all default settings.only mtvu is enabled.
audio xaudio
using avx gsdx plugin dx11
intel 2500k
memory card:

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Did you enable "Fast Texture Invalidation" HW hack in the newest build? Go to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings, Enable HW Hacks > Configure Hacks, click "Fast Texture Invalidation".
Thats the thing i do not even use hacks for gsdx or pcsx at all anywhere, game was running fine so far.
i see that revision change refers hack when in native, but as said i dont run with hacks or native
its most likely the disabling the nvidia hack, I'm guessing the game changes the viewport size a lot (which i believe it does) and the function used there is slow. I'll rearrange it in an effort to speed it up.

I would really recommend the fast texture invalidation hack FlatOut mentioned, although it doesn't help the game most of the time, at slow points it really helps.
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Alright as soon as u rearrange code Smile i will update fully to latest build that hack just might give little tweak to missing few fps at some zones.

Thanks for listening

those builds i tested do not have "fast texture invalidation hack" implemented.
So the issue is with that "hack when in native"
Your build wasn't exactly the newest one then, update to the latest and try again. Performance may have already improved, even without the hack. If refraction's rearranging helps too, it might be so fast you'll completely forget there's even a stable 1.4.0 version.
Well, yeah , not newest, i am sitting on 1.40 untill refraction rearange the "nvidia hack code"
i did tested latest too just without that cache hack,shamefully i was not aware of it. But i hope to see the "nvidia hack" fixed first before i go to latest Smile
It could be worth trying the newest one anyway. there was another commit which caused the constant resizing of the viewport, so that might have triggered this, I believe that is fixed now, so this may be a non-issue.

i will still correct it, but i suspect the problem you were having is already gone.
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I do not know what do you want me to say..
i stated that first thing i did was to upgrade to latest git then went back and retraced issue to its origin.
unless its expected that problem disappeared over night due to gremlin issue Smile

well its still the same.

1.40 - pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-342-gaff7513 (64 fps with turbo tab on)
latest build pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-866-g7c205d7-windows-x86
52.8 fps
with invalidated texture, some fps is gained ~55. but that is beside the point when i am already at loss of 10/15 fps..
ok fair enough, i just wanted to be sure, I thought it was established earlier you didn't have the latest GIT. I just wanted to check Smile
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