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I'm a little new to this emulator (just started playing with it like 3 days ago) but i have finally gotten games to run (cd/dvd plugin problems) but im now encountering 1 issue in playing games and one plugin problem: the issue playing games is that the screen keeps on flickering black.

The plugin issue is in running games: i use the plugin P.E.Op.S. CDVD (CDDA mod) 1.3.0 to run dvds (the actual games) off my computer, but this plugin is no good for running iso's, the plugin i have for that is Linuz Iso cdvd 0.9.0 but it dosent work properley.

If anyone knows a better cdvd plugin for running iso's im all ears, and if anyone know how to fix the black screen flickering then im also all ears

---fixed the graphic problem, but the fps is less then 100% its running around 40-70%

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If you start with posting info like

Computer Spec and Pcsx version and plugin versions it would be easier to help, i would also like to know what game causing this issue, because you maybe want to try pressing F5 to turn on interlacing.

LinuzIso is the only one i ever use for iso, its awesome and works 100%, it may be your rip that is bad or something similar.
Usually the flickering problem is caused by frameskip in the "config > cpu" options so if you have it enabled try setting normal or frame limit instead or by specific games, but yes it would be easier to help if you give us more info.

What do you mean Linuz ISO doesnt work properly?
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btw if you didnt read the edit, the graphic issue is fixed, and i mean just that, linuz dosen't work, the plugin sais its working, ive re-downloaded it of diffrent sites, but it will not read iso's and yes the iso's do work (using more then one)
Eh, what message does it show when it doesnt work? or what do you mean it doesnt read the iso?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
well what i mean by it dosent read, is it loads the ps2 bios, when i go to where it shows disks and memory cards, it shows that a ps2 disk is inserted, but when i acess the disk it goes back to the same screen, also in the output window i notice that it can't read system.cnf, i made sure that was in the iso. this is common for all games all other plugins work
What game are you trying to run?

Also just curious, is it an Europe Bios but an US game? or visa versa.
us copy of kingdom hearts 2, metal gear solid 3 and 2, hack g.u vol 1 i have tried, and i have us, jap and european bios
Well if it cant ready the system.cnf file is either a bad iso or you're pointing it to the wrong place, where exactly are you pointing it at?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
(11-23-2009, 11:53 PM)kouta-kun Wrote: and i have us, jap and european bios

does that mean that you have us, jap and european ps2s as well?

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