2 Suggestions
1) Different profiles for different games.
When you switch games, it would be great if PCSX2 loaded a profile for this game, you created.

2) Feedback when saving state.
Right now, in 0.9.7 you do not get any feedback whatsoever on the emulator screen if you succesfully saved a state. The only way is to look into the console, which is a little inconvenient. Some kind of sound or graphical feedback to indicate sucessful saving would prevent people from quitting to early, breaking their save.
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For the first one theres this
as for the second let the pcsx2 coders decide what to do
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
You can't close the emu before the saving process finish but it's not a bad idea
2) Currently you get an error message window if it failed, hope that's enough Tongue2

Continue here if anything:
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